Appendix C
Financial Report


The total grant funding for the Shine PSP in 2021/2022 is £1,431k.

The 2021/2022 budget reflects the original plan for a national women’s mentoring service delivered by 24 FTE mentors. The retention of 1.5 FTE additional mentors as Prison Based Champions reflects emerging practice and is critical to the service provided.

The allocation of the 2021/2022 Shine budget to partners is pro-rata based on the number of mentors employed by each partner. This is consistent with the methodology adopted from the commencement of the PSP. The allocation to the Venture Trust represents a fixed contribution to project support.

The allocation to partners remains unchanged, and no inflationary increase has been applied since the commencement of the PSPs in 2013/2014.

This report provides an overview of the financial position for Shine as of 31 March 2022.

Financial Position as of 31 March 2022

The Shine PSP reports a breakeven position for 2021/2022, with total expenditure of £1,431k for the year as analysed in the table below.

The table also compares the total expenditure for 2021/2022 with the position reported for the previous financial year.


Expenditure on mentors’ salaries has averaged at £67k per month (2020/2021 £67k) for the 25.5 FTEs in post.

Non-Pay Costs

The further development of performance reporting including the use of Sacro’s Case Management System in all Shine services, has been implemented by all partners. The costs of the ongoing training, data input and additional licence fees have been met from the 2021/2022 Shine budget.

Benefits in Kind

A critical factor in the establishment of Shine was the valuable contribution each of the partners makes to the PSP by way of benefits in kind. These contributions reflect the expertise each partner brings to the PSP, and the infrastructure in place to support Shine.

May 2022