With Thanks

As stated in the introduction, Shine chose to bring the voices of some of the people we work with directly into this report. Thanks to the following people who have helped make this possible.

Some of the mentees we have supported:

  • Charlene, Juliette, Yvonne

Some of our partners:

  • Adele, George, Gordon

A few of our mentors:

  • Barbara, Charlene, Emma, Fiona, Leeanne, Sammy

We persevere and don’t just give up.

And finally…. as one of our partners commented (when asked – what is the one thing about Shine you would shout from the rooftops)

"I have to say the mentors. It’s hard to say just them without also saying the mentees alongside that because it's relationships. But I think the mentors that we have within the Shine partnership are incredibly committed, invested and – it may sound somewhat a cliche – but they do go that extra mile with the women and for all those who have relationships with the woman. They provide support to either friends or family members. That's all informed and influenced by a knowledge base and a skill set that informs mentors to be able to work alongside women who have incredibly complex needs, and for many who have been impacted by trauma in childhood or adolescence. And it's being able to continue to stay with that, and we persevere and don't just give up."