Venture Trust

Delivering the Next Steps wilderness-based CBT programme.

Shine aims to refer at least 20 mentees to the Next Steps programme annually. In the last financial year, 13 referrals were made to Venture Trust on behalf of Shine mentees. Their journeys look like this:

  • 11 engaged between assessment phase and Phase 3;

  • Two attended a Wilderness Journey;

  • One participant has had Phase 3 support;

  • A previous participant (2019) accessed our Outdoor Therapy Service.

Venture Trust - ‘that glue that bonds’: a Manager’s Voice

This year, to mark Shine’s tenth year, we interviewed several partners, reflecting on our journey to date. Here’s a Venture Trust manager:

“So Shine I think is part of that glue that bonds all the approaches and organisations together and I think it is – certainly from my opinion – it has been like that for a good while. I think it is well respected, how it is perceived now to how it was perceived ten years and – I could be wrong – I would imagine that other people in other sectors may have felt that they were doing a good job, and there was always the fear that if another organisation or partnership comes along then they would take work away from those areas. I don’t think Shine ever went into that, to do what they do, to build the PSP to work with all the partners, with that in mind.

"I think we are stronger when we’re partnered, when we come together with a similar outlook on how we move forward and working with (women) in Scotland I think that there is a definitely model that people transpose to other agendas and approaches. … The partnership shows a lot of learning gained from what Shine has achieved over the years. And if it’s the tenth year I would like to see it continue."