Improving Performance:
Case Management System

New mentors were provided with an IdeaPad, where needed. Mentors benefitted from training on using the new device. Each new IdeaPad contains software allowing remote connection by IT team, saving time in resolving digital issues. Shine continues to ensure all mentors follow the digital guidance.

All training and assistance provided in this period was done digitally and at the convenience of the mentor or manager. Overall, the feedback has been very good, with some mentors appreciating not having to travel for training, while others expressed that while the digital version was not less beneficial, their preferred method remains face-to-face.

Shine has seen a change in communication: in addition to the move to using e-mails, the PBCs now communicate solely via their accounts. This change come with the SPS’s digital transformation project. The use of SharePoint for resources and guidance has seen an improvement with mentors and managers being able to access the information needed timely.

Improving Performance – Case Recording Compliance

Monthly compliance checks have continued throughout the year, assisting managers to keep track of caseload progress. Planned for the upcoming reporting year is a series of workshops or meetings, providing a platform for mentors to discuss compliance issues.

A mentee’s voice:

"From me being released … way back when, I was homeless at that point, at that time I was a serial relapse, but my Shine worker came and picked me up, up the town where I had been standing drinking like. It’s not a score thing like you’re not going to an appointment, you’re getting a backlashing for it, it’s maer right here am I, what’s up, what’s this, what’s for the behaviour? And I’m not used to that, I’ve not had that before. And I’ve not got family, so having somebody there that I can even just phone when I’m struggling, that means a lot to me. Having that person there for me has helped a lot with my recovery."